M Y   S E R V I C E S :

The work we do together really depends on you.Our process will be shaped accord­ing to what you’re work­ing on (or hop­ing to pro­duce), and your goals for it. My spe­cialty is help­ing you clar­ify, orga­nize and com­mu­ni­cate your ideas, while mak­ing sure we retain your unique voice. This can take lots of forms. Some­times, I pre­pare ques­tions to ask a client, so that I can make a piece of writ­ing that per­fectly suits their pur­pose. Other times, I am more of a side­kick who offers edi­to­r­ial sug­ges­tions and feed­back.

We could do very well together if you are…

  • putting together a website, pamphlet or e-book for your business.

  • writing a speech or drafting your wedding vows.

  • working on an application (to school, for a grant, etc.) or a thesis.

  • ready to get to work on an important project, and not sure where to start.

You are burst­ing at the seams with great ideas, and I can help you com­mu­ni­cate them to your reader in the best way pos­si­ble. Basi­cally, I want to find what’s great about you (or your project or sub­ject), and make it shine!

In the early or mid­dle stages of the writ­ing process, I sup­port by ask­ing lots of ques­tions — I work with the writ­ing to open it up, rather than clos­ing it down. I am awe­some at spot­ting the threads between your ideas, or sug­gest­ing ways for you to dis­cover those con­nec­tions your­self. If you just need fin­ish­ing touches and a fresh set of eyes, I offer suc­cinct sug­ges­tions for gram­mar, orga­ni­za­tion and con­ti­nu­ity. That being said, I believe that, because each piece of writ­ing is unique, each writ­ing process should be cus­tomized. In gen­eral, my ser­vices fall into three cat­e­gories: edit­ing, copy­writ­ing, & con­sult­ing.

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